What This Fu*ked Year Taught Me

If there was ever a year to think and talk about death, it’s 2020. No year has made me contemplate my mortality as seriously as this one.

The global pandemic has shaken us with over one million deaths. Countless icons — both young and old, from Kobe Bryant to Ruth…

The Actual Best Quotes from the Funny, Dark, and Legendary Show

BoJack Horseman came to a close last January after six seasons, starting in 2014. It was notably Netflix’s first animated series and one of the tech giant’s earliest original series. In a unique world where humans and animals interact as equals, BoJack Horseman revolves around the titular character, BoJack, in…

The show that made chess cool again.

It all started at a bar. “Connor, we need to start playing chess,” my roommate randomly mentioned to me on that September afternoon. He explained he wanted something new to do since we were tired of consistently playing cards during quarantine. A few moments later, we promptly hopped on Amazon…

The Actual Best Quotes from the Unique, Beloved, and Meta Show

Community, Dan Harmon’s first created television show, has relatively remained in the shadows of other all-star sitcoms, even though it has such a strong cast (with members like Chevy Chase, Donald Glover, Alison Brie, and Joel McHale). Community encountered some trouble throughout its six-season run, including Harmon getting fired at…

A free verse poem about death

I thought I had problems
And I let my friends know
Every day for six months
Just how bad I had it.

My favorite places closed down.
The skiing trip got cancelled.
I didn’t get my dream job,
Or any job for that matter.

So it’s needless to say
That I’m…

What the timeless film can teach you about leadership and persuasion.

12 Angry Men (1957) features one of the most unique movie formats: a group of 12 jurors in a single room for essentially the entirety of the film with the only conflict involving dialogue and no action. It’s stood the test of time for excellence by remaining as #5 in…

What the kids show can teach you about positive thinking.

The Legend of Korra, the Nickelodeon animated TV series from 2012 to 2014, recently got added to Netflix after its predecessor Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005–2008) achieved great success and hype when it was added to Netflix in May. Many watched Avatar as a trip down memory lane from their…

I’ve watched meaningful people fade,
Ones I thought would never disappear,
Even some I’ve known over a decade,
Others maybe just for a year.

Still, in my heart it is a blade,
Depriving me of fun and great cheer. …

The Actual Best Quotes from the Philosophical Show

The Good Place explores the idea of “what we owe to each other” in an excellent blend of comedy, drama, and philosophy. In Michael Schur’s masterpiece, the series — especially with its legendary finale yesterday — continued to make us laugh, cry, and think. …

The Amazon Prime series that takes inexperienced riders to unimaginable heights

Do you want to go to a higher place?

If yes, read on. But beware, it is going to be tough. “That’s why you’re not there right now,” according to Brian Tome.

Crossroads Church set out to further its mission of connecting seekers to growers in Christ through the most…

Connor "Bearcat" Martin

Student passionate about writing | Stories involving TV/music, faith, poetry, and more | Words for eternity | Check out my book: bit.ly/2AkskcE

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