The Actual Best Quotes from the Funny, Dark, and Legendary Show

BoJack Horseman came to a close last January after six seasons, starting in 2014. It was notably Netflix’s first animated series and one of the tech giant’s earliest original series. In a unique world where humans and animals interact as equals, BoJack Horseman revolves around the titular character, BoJack, in…

The Actual Best Quotes from the Unique, Beloved, and Meta Show

Community, Dan Harmon’s first created television show, has relatively remained in the shadows of other all-star sitcoms, even though it has such a strong cast (with members like Chevy Chase, Donald Glover, Alison Brie, and Joel McHale). Community encountered some trouble throughout its six-season run, including Harmon getting fired at…

Connor "Bearcat" Martin

Student passionate about writing | Stories involving TV/music, faith, poetry, and more | Words for eternity | Check out my book:

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