Top 10 Thought-Provoking BoJack Horseman Quotes

The Actual Best Quotes from the Funny, Dark, and Legendary Show

BoJack Horseman came to a close last January after six seasons, starting in 2014. It was notably Netflix’s first animated series and one of the tech giant’s earliest original series. In a unique world where humans and animals interact as equals, BoJack Horseman revolves around the titular character, BoJack, in Los Angeles as he finds what to do in life several years after being a successful TV actor. With exceptional character development, a great cast, plentiful guest stars, and dark humor, BoJack Horseman set itself apart.

As the show follows BoJack and his close friends on a quest to find meaning and happiness, BoJack Horseman explores some deep and grave topics. It’s a quote-heavy show that’s full of outstanding advice and lessons. Unlike other quote articles, it was difficult to curate the list to the top ten, but here are some of the most insightful quotes from one of the best shows ever, BoJack Horseman.

1. “I think there are people that help you become the person that you end up being, and you can be grateful for them even if they were never meant to be in your life forever.” — Diane Nguyen, (“Nice While It Lasted”)

2. “What if you deserve to be happy, and this is a thing that will make you happy? And maybe don’t worry about whether you’ll be happy later and just focus on how you are happy right now.” — BoJack Horseman, (“Nice While It Lasted”)

3. “But isn’t the point of art less what people put into it and more of what people get out of it?” — Todd Chavez, (“Nice While It Lasted”)

4. “I thought for sure I was going to drown. And then I noticed when I opened my mouth the air bubbles floated up, and that’s how I knew which way to swim. BoJack, when you find yourself lost and disoriented and underwater and you don’t know which way is up, it’s important to breathe.” — Ana Spanakopita, (“It’s You”)

5. “The world is unforgiving enough as it is. The least we could do is find ways to forgive each other and ourselves.” — Stefani Stilton, (“The Stopped Show”)

6. “All I know about being good, I learned from TV. And in TV, flawed characters are constantly showing people they care with these surprising grand gestures. And I think that part of me still believes that’s what love is. But in real life, the big gesture isn’t enough. You need to be consistent, you need to be dependably good . . . you need to do it every day, which is so hard.” — BoJack Horseman, (“Free Churro”)

7. “I mean, I guess I got a happy ending, but every happy ending has the day after the happy ending, right? And the day after that. So, the wedding was so much fun. It was the happiest day of my life. But, what does that say about all the days I have left?” — Diane Nguyen, (“One Trick Pony”)

8. “It doesn’t matter where you are, it’s who you are, and that’s not going to change whether you’re in California or Maine or New Mexico. You know, you can’t escape you.” — Charlotte Carson, (“Escape From L.A.”)

9. “You want to know what I do when I have a really bad, awful, terrible day? I imagine my great-great-great granddaughter in the future talking to her class about me. She’s poised and funny, and tells people about me and how everything worked out in the end. And when I think about that, I think about how everything’s going to work out. Because how else could she tell people?” — Princess Carolyn, (“Ruthie”)

10. “If you care about what other people think, you’re never gonna do anything.” — Mr. Peanutbutter, (“The BoJack Horseman Show”)

With great quotes like these, it’s no wonder BoJack Horseman currently ranks amongst the best on IMDb with an 8.7. Yet, there’s much more depth to the show that has given it such success and distinguished it from others. It’s arguably Netflix’s goldmine.

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