Top 10 Thought-Provoking Community Quotes

The Actual Best Quotes from the Unique, Beloved, and Meta Show

Community, Dan Harmon’s first created television show, has relatively remained in the shadows of other all-star sitcoms, even though it has such a strong cast (with members like Chevy Chase, Donald Glover, Alison Brie, and Joel McHale). Community encountered some trouble throughout its six-season run, including Harmon getting fired at one point, a cancellation, and then a revival from Yahoo! Screen.

Added to Netflix this summer, Community is getting the attention and appreciation it deserves. Old fans who followed the series throughout its entirety and new fans after their quarantine binge-watch both agree that this is a one-of-a-kind show. It has unprecedented meta-humor, excellent storytelling, and inspiring lessons for viewers. Here are some of the most insightful quotes to crown Community as one of the greats.

1. “None of us have to ‘go to’ anyone. And the idea we do is a mental illness we contracted from breath mint commercials and Sandra Bullock. We can’t keep going to each other until we learn to go to ourselves. Stop making our hatred of ourselves someone else’s job and just stop hating ourselves.” — Jeff Winger, (“Origins of Vampire Mythology”)

2. “I want to have…a resume full of crazy mistakes instead of crazy lies. I want stories and wisdom, perspective. I want to have so much behind me I’m not a slave to what’s in front of me.” — Annie Edison, (“Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television”)

3. “Love is a gamble always, but waiting won’t change the dice. You either roll them or you lose your turn.” — Shirley Bennett, (“Home Economics”)

4. “If I ever let being bad at something stop me, I wouldn’t even be here. The thing some men call ‘failure,’ I call ‘living — breakfast!’ And I’m not leaving until I’ve cleaned out the buffet.” — Pierce Hawthorne, (“Beginner Pottery”)

5. “Life is only worth a damn because it’s short. It’s designed to be consumed, used, spent, lived, felt. We’re supposed to fill it with every mistake and miracle we can manage. And then we’re supposed to let go.” — Marian Hawthorne, (“The Psychology of Letting Go”)

6. “We’re at the mercy of each other and ourselves. That’s why there has to be forgiveness on both sides.” — Abed Nadir, (“Aerodynamics of Gender”)

7. “Be sorry about this stuff before you do it. Then don’t do it. It’s called ‘growing up.’” — Jeff Winger, (“English as a Second Language”)

8. “Strong people change. If the sea was always still and calm, nobody would respect her.” — Shirley Bennett, (“Beginner Pottery”)

9. “The truth is…the pathetically, stupidly, inconvenient obvious truth is helping only ourselves is bad, and helping each other is good.” — Jeff Winger, (“Introduction to Finality”)

10. “People find the good in just about anything but themselves.” — Jeff Winger, (“Pilot”)

The diverse cast of Community consistently gave viewers great lessons to takeaway, and I’m glad it’s growing now that it’s on Netflix. It deserves recognition like many of the other great sitcoms.

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